on the road with DSDS-German-Superstar


Daniele  NEGRONI


werner groisz: musical director (MD)  and  drummer


watch some    V I D E Os   here



i´m  proud  to  be  the  new


musical & art director (MD)  and  drummer



i´m also the musical director (MD)  and  drummer for


C h e l e    A q u i l e r a


Bloch Consulting is preparing the international release of Spanish rock hero

“Chele Aguilera”.

His new album “They Don’t Know Me” features a great rendition

of the old Beach Boy classic “Surfin’ USA” featuring legendary Leif Garrett.

Bloch brokered the duet for this album with Leif’s management earlier this year.


Bloch Consulting hired me as the MD for this outstanding Artist